Crochet Keychain Fish Pattern

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Complexity: Below average
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Iris threads, synthepon, beads, needle, scissors

I want to share with you how I knit multi-colored fish. Fishes are small, 3-4 cm in length, depending on what thickness of a thread are used. In order to connect such fish, you need minimal skills of knitting: to be able to knit columns without a scale (SBN), columns with a scale (PRSs), connecting columns (ss), to make additions (Prib) and Ubavki (UB).

For knitting fish I needed the following materials and tools: Thread "Iris" (two colors or shades), crochet hook № 1.25, synthesizer, 2 beads for eyes, needle for sewing of eyes and stretching of the thread, scissors.

Since the fish is small, it is important to keep counting loops (changing the number of loops, even one, will be noticeable in the proportions of the fish).

Knit for both wall loops of the previous row.

The spout and the calf of the fish knit in a circle, without loops lifting.

1 row: With a light thread dial two air loops (or make a loop Amagurumi),

Then in the first loop (or in the loop of Amaguumi) we have 6 bars without a scale.

2 row: 6 bars without a scale.

3 row: In each loop we make a raise (prib)-6 times (12).

4 row: (1 SBN, Prib)-6 times (18).

5 row: (2 SBN, Prib)-6 times (24). This is the spout:

6-9 Series: 24 Hours  For convenience, at the failure of 6-9 series, at the beginning of the sixth row, I use as a marker thread from the beginning of knitting, then you can not count the loops.

Here is a spout and a calf:

Then we do the Ubavki.

10 row: (2 SBN, UB) – 6 times (18).

11 row: (1 SBN, UB) – 6 times (12).

Fill the fish with a synth, slightly squeezing the sides and giving the calf a shape.

12 row: 6 SBN, finish the series by the connecting column.


13 row: Thread of other color make 2 air loops (VP)-lifting loops.

I leave a long, about 40 sm, a thread, which then I touch the fins. The thread does not interfere, because all the time is inside the tail.

We put in each loop of the previous row of 2 SBN (12). At the end of the row we have a connecting column.

14 row: 3 VP (Lifting Loops), 2 PRSs in each loop (24). Finish a series of a connecting column.

15 row: We make tying the tail with The Arches – 3 VP, then the next loop,

Repeat until the end of the series. This makes 24 arches.

Fasten and trim the work thread.

You can experiment with the tail:

If you want the tail to be less lush, in the 14th row you can alternate (1 PRSs and 2 PRSs) – 6 times (18).

Tying the tail can be done in the following way: 3 (or 2) VP, connecting column in the next loop, repeat to the end of the series. Then the tail will be a little shorter.

It is possible to pass two rows of arches...

In general variants of knitting of a tail very much, all depends only here your imagination.


Left in the beginning of knitting a tail a thread to be sold by means of a needle in the top part of a head (where the top fin can be defined on the form of a spout: the spout on the one hand will be more "zadranny upwards").

On the back of the 7-8, the bars are lined with a scale.

Rotate knitting and touch The Arches: 2 air loops, then a column without a scale in the next loop.

Knit to the end of the fin (7-8 arches). Then pull out the thread,

Put a thread in a needle and stretch to the bottom of the fish.

Projazit along a belly of a fish of 6-7 columns without a scale.

Pull out the thread, put it in a needle and push it into the hole at the beginning of the tail.

Fold the tail and flash it, so as not to be seen was synthepon (if desired, the tail can not sew, then it will be more lush). Fasten the thread.

Black thread to sew eyes.

The fish is ready!

Fish can be attached to the base for the keychain, the basis for the brooch, make a pendant for the phone, a magnet, pins, use as an element for slynobus (to tie beads), use as an accounting material, a material for the study of flowers small children and I use fish as a pendant on pens and pencils (at work such pencils and pens remain on my desktop and not "go" to the workplaces of my colleagues).

I would be very happy if someone comes in handy.

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/851295-vyazhem-raznotsvetnyh-rybok?msec=24

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