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1 The product is knitted with crochets. Increments are done by knitting out of one stitch of the base of two columns without a single crochet, decrease - by tying two stitches of the base with two columns of no crocheting together. Tie your legs together: dial a chain of 26 air loops and lock into a ring. Perform one air lift loop and spin 25 crochet single crochet. Make a decrease first in the 12th, then in the 20th and then in every 5th row, until 19 loops remain (45 rows in total). Tie one semi-crochet and nakida and finish knitting. Tie a shoe strap: knit 2 rows, then knit 17 columns, then knit 4 stitches from the next two loops (middle). In each subsequent row (another 7 rows) of two middle loops, knit 4 posts (35 loops should turn out). Tie the sole, making a decrease - 3 columns from the side of the toe and from the side of the heel in each row to the end. Tie the other leg.

2 Turn to the manufacture of hands. To tie the doll's hand, first dial

a chain of 20 air loops and close its ring. Perform aerial

lift loop and then tie 19 posts. Make a decrease in the 8th,

15th and further on to  (205x205, 6Kb)each of the 5th row, until 14 loops remain (this is approximately

35 rows). To complete the hand: in the 1st row add evenly 7 columns and knit 3 rows. In the 5th row, knit 6 columns, tie a connecting column in the first column and knit 4 rows up.

Tear off the thread, pull off the loops and hide the end of the thread inward - you should have a thumb. With a new thread, tie a palm on the remaining hinges: first knit 6 rows upward, then make a subtraction, knitting together every two columns. Cut off the thread, pull off the loops,

hide the end of the thread inside. Similarly, tie the other hand. Ready made

Fill hands and feet with pieces of sintepon and temporarily set aside. 

3 For the body, dial a chain of 15 air loops, close it into a ring.

Perform an air lift loop and then knit 14 posts.

Tie another row. In the next row, evenly add 7 columns. (205x205, 10Kb)

In the 3rd row, first tie 8 columns, then 3 columns with increments,

again, 8 columns and 3 columns with additions - you get shoulders. In each of the next row add 3 columns for each shoulder. Continue to knit the torso, then do the subtractions in the reverse order. Before you finish knitting, fill the blank with padding polyester.

4Bind your head: dial a chain of 3 air loops, lock into a ring. Perform an air lift loop and then knit 5 posts. Tie another row. Then add evenly 6 columns. Next, tie 9 rows, making uniform additions in each row of 6 columns (a total of 68 columns). Knit 8 more rows. In the following rows, make equal reductions of 6 columns in each until only 6 columns remain. Fill your head with padding polyester. Perform a decrease on the remaining hinges. Tie eyes: a chain of 3 air loops loop into a ring, tie 6 columns. Yarn of a different color knit 2 rows, adding uniformly 6 columns in each row. Sew on eyes. Embroider the mouth. For hair, cut the thread into 30 cm lengths. Fold each thread in half and fasten it with a hook on the head.

five Sew the arms, legs and head to the body.

6 The doll is ready.

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