Sleeveless Vest Free Pattern

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Size: 46/48 
The average degree of difficulty. 
You will need 
"Kanem-(100% Wool: 230 m, ђ0 g) Blue color: Spokes 3: Hook 2, 
Knitting technique 
On the spokes: Elastic band 3/3 (alternately 3 p. 3 N. 
Fancy pattern: Knit According to the pattern, width 
Knit loops before raport, repeating rapport, 
Finishing loops after Raport. The height of the 
To invade from the 3rd to the 26th series. 
Crochet: Connecting Bars (co-ed.). Who 
Stuffy loops (v. Bars without a scale (v. 6/N). 
Density of knitting 
25 p. x 36 PV 10 x 10 cm. Connected to the Spokes 3 fan. 
It's a very decorative pattern. 
Job description 
Backrest: On the Spokes 3 dial 137 p. and knit 30 p, 
Rubber band 3/3. In the 30th p, from the beginning of knitting equals- 
Merno and P. on the spokes; 123 Further Knit 
290 p, fantasy pattern. For line Design 
In 83 M p, from the elastic band to perform the 
Both sides of the p... Then in each 8th P, 8 times on 
N "in each 6th P, 23 times on 1 p, on 187 p. 
Added loops included, in the drawing. In 29th P. 
From the gum all loops close in one row 
Right shelf: On the Spokes 3 dial 14 p. and knit 
262 the R. Fancy pattern, for the rounding of the 
The kidneys to perform the increments on the left side in the Breakfas 
House 2nd P. 2 times on 5 p.. 3 times 4 p... 3 times 
3 p... 4 times 2 p... 4 times on p. On the spokes 57 p. 
To decorate the line of the sides in 83 from the gum 
Add on the right side n ' then in each 
8th P. 8 times on the P... In every 6th P, 23 times Lo 
1 T on the spokes: 89 p. The added loops are inserted into the 
Picture. For the design of the neck line 
In 263 from the gum on the left side close the B... 
Then in each 2nd P. 1 times 3 p., 2 times on 2 p.. Z Times 
On 1 p. On the Spokes 73 p, in 29m p. From the Gum All 
Loops Close in one row 
Left shelf: knit symmetrically with the right kidney. 
Ciorca and Finishing 
Perform shoulder seams, through the neck line 
Backless. Right and left shelves on the spokes 3 on- 
Take 107 p, and knit 34 p. as follows: 
1 Krom P "102 p. Elastic band 3/3. 3 Lish P "1 shelter. P. 
In 35, all loops close in one row, by line

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