Amigurumi Little Cat Tutorial

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We will need: 
- lilac yarn (or the color that you choose for your amigurumi toy), a little white and red (for a scarf); 
- the hook; 
- A couple of peepholes; 
- filler; 
- A large needle and scissors.


RLS - column without crochet 
P - increase (2 RLS in one loop) 
U - 
SS reduction - connection column 
VP - air loop

Cat Amigurumi knits continuously, that is, the head passes into the neck, and the neck into the body. And only the tail is knitted separately.

So, let's begin.

We dial a chain of 10 air loops + 1 lifting loop (11).

1 row: 9СБН, 3СБН in one loop, turn knitting to the other side of the chain and continue to knit 8СБН, 2СБН in one loop, СС for registration of a circle (22); 
2 ranks: VP of lifting, 22 RTS (22); 
3 rd: 10СБН, П, 10СБН, П (24); 
4 series: (3СБН, П) - 6 times (30); 
5-9 series: 30 SBN (30); 
10 series: (4СБН, У) - 6 times (24); 
11 series: (3СБН, У) - 6 times (18). 
If you use safe eyes, then attach them at this stage between 7 and 8 rows, 6 loops between the eyes. 
12th row: (2CBN, Y) - 6 times (12).


13 series: (2СБН, П) - 4 times (16); 
14 series: (3СБН, П) - 4 times (20). 
Fill your head with filler.


15 series: 20 SBN (20); 
16th row: (4СБН, П) - 4 times (24).

To make a tail on the right side, knit like this: 
17P row: 6SBN, (5CBN, P) - 2 times, 6SBN (26); 
18P series: 5СБН, П, (6СБН, П) - 2 times, 5СБН, П (30).

To make the tail on the left side, knit like this: 
17Л row: 5СБН, П, 12СБН, 5СБН, П (26); 
18L series: 6СБН, П, (5СБН, П) - 2 times, 6СБН, П (30).

Then knit the same for both options. 
19-21 series: 30 CBN (30); 
22 series: (4СБН, У) - 6 times (24); 
23 series: (3СБН, У) - 6 times (18); 
24 series: (2СБН, У) - 6 times (12); 
fill the body with filler (do not fill too tightly, otherwise the cat will not sit exactly); 
25 series: (SBN, Y) - 6 times (6).

Finish the knitting, cut the long end of the thread and pull the hole using the needle. Then make the lug of the ears the same thread as shown in the figures.


Type a chain of 13 air loops, thread the hook into the second from the hook loop and tie the 12 RLS. End the knitting, leave a long thread, sew the tail to the trunk.

Using white yarn, embroider a little nose with a kitten. 
Use a little red yarn to tie a scarf around the neck of the cat.

That's all! Congratulations! Your cat is amigurumi ready! Now he will purr and meow to everyone for joy:)

All good mood and inspiration! Come to  Amigurumi scheme , here you are regularly waiting for updates!

Write your comments, impressions, wishes, questions! I will be very happy!

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