Coral Color Crochet Bag

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Today, without a comfortable, roomy bag can not do! Before you, a great copy with a handle from a silver chain.

40 cm (width) x 35 cm (height)

Yarn (70% cotton, 30% nylon, 74 m / 100 g) - 500 g coral; circular knitting needles number 7; spokes number 7; 2 stocking knitting needles No. 6; chain for handle length approx. 70 cm; 2 pendants and 3 buttons.


Circular rows: only facial loops.

Circular rows (an odd number of loops). 

1st circular series: alternately 1 facial, 1 purl, finish 1 facial; 

2nd circular series: alternately 1 purl, 1 facial, finish 1 purl. 

Constantly repeat the 1st and 2nd circular series.

The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 + 2 edges). Each row start and finish 1 edgeband. 

Facial rows: * 1 purl, 2 zigzag facial (= follow the 2nd loop through the 1st loop, crossed, but do not lower the loop from the left knitting needle, then loop the 1st loop and pull both loops off the knitting needle), from * constantly repeat, finish 1 purl; 

purlins: * 1 facial, 2 zigzag purl (= loop 2 before tying before the 1st loop of the wrong side, but do not lower the loop from the left knitting needle, then loop the first loop and release both loops from the knitting needle), from * constantly repeat, finish 1 facial.

10.5 p. X 18 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Dial on circular knitting needles 56 sts, close in a ring and tie 1 round series face. 

Continue the work in the following way: 1 st streak face (= right lateral edge), 27 pts small pearl pattern, 1 st stylus (= left lateral edge), 27 pts small pearl pattern. 

Simultaneously, in the third circular row from the initial row, add for the lateral bevel on both sides before and after the lateral edge, respectively, 1 facial crossed from the transverse thread and include in the pattern 2 = 4 added loops in each circular row. These increases are made 6 more times in each 2nd circular row = 84 p.

After 23.5 cm = 42 circular rows from the initial row, continue the work for the strip as follows: from the side edge loops add 1 pt. (= From the loop to untangle 1 front and 1 front crossed) and then bind this loop as edgeband. 

In the next series, divide the work along the lateral edges = 43 pips for each half and continue the work with a zigzag pattern in the 1st row, evenly add 2 p = 45 p. In the width of the lath 11.5 cm, close all the hinges , as facial.

Put on 2 stocking knitting needles 4 sts and knit as follows: * 4 facial, then loops to be pushed back to the beginning of the knitting needle, while pulling the thread at work and tightening it, from * constantly repeating. After 7 cm from the initial row, close all the loops.

Loops of the initial row sewn with a knitted suture. Similarly, make side seams of the bar. 

Carry out 2 hinges for the handle acc. instructions and the initial row of loops sew on the outside to the top edge of the side seam bar; fold in half, insert the hanger and sew the closed edge of the hinge from the inside to the top edge of the side seam bar. 

On the inside of the bar at a distance of approx. 2 cm from the top edge, evenly attach 3 buttons. 

In the end, fasten the chain to the pendants. 

Photo: magazine "Sabrina" №6 / 2018

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