Needle Pillow in the form of a Flower

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Materials and tools: cotton yarn or cotton / acrylic (Alize Cotton Gold,
YarnArt Jeans, Vita Cotton Lira), filler (synthepuh), decorative buttons (2
pcs.), hook number 2, scissors, tweezers for packing, needle.
Вп - air loop
ss - connection bar
sb - column without crochet
ub. - decrease
arr. - an increase
Spiral, two parts.
1) 2 in, 6 sb in the first loop (6)
2) aprox6 (12)
3) (1, app) x6 (18)
4) (2, ap) x6 (24)
5) (3, prib.) X6 (30), ss, cut the thread and fill it. Attach a thread of a new color.
6) (4, ap) x6 (36)
7) (2, app) x12 (48)
8) (3, arr.) X12 (60)
9) 1 row (60)
10) (4, arr.) X12 (72), ss, cut the thread and fill it. Attach a thread of a new color.
11) 1 row (72)
12) (5, arr.) X12 (84)
13) 1 row (84)
14) (6, arr.) X12 (96)
15-16) 2 rows (96), ss, cut the thread and fill it with one loop.
Fold both parts in the wrong sides to each other. A new thread to tie them together
according to the scheme: (10 sb, уб.) х8 (for eight-pointers), - make adjustments usual, but not secret.
Change the scheme depending on how many "petals" you want to make.
The needle-thread is loosely filled with filler through the last section and the row is closed.
A new thread through the middle pulls the needle bed so that the threads pass over the discounts
connecting the series, then she also sew buttons in the middle of the bed with both
sides, thread secure and hide the tails.

Creative climbing by MarieSmthred

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