Knitting Funny Bear Cup Tutorial

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For knitting we will need: the remains of gray, white, black yarn, two black beads, a hook, a bow

We knit a string of 5 air loops and close them in a ring. Further 3 in the rise, 11 ссн.

This will look like the first row:

We knit the second row - 3 steps of lifting, from the base of one column of the previous row we knit 2 cn. In the series we will get 24 ссн.

We knit the third row - 3 in the ascending, then alternate 2 cns from one base of the column from the previous row, 1 cn. Thus, in the series we obtain 36 csn

Here they are, our 3 rows:

The last row, in which you need to tie the ears, we knit - 2 in the ascent, 11 sb

Next we knit the eye - we skip one bar, from the next we sew 8 cc2n, we pass one bar, then we knit 6 connecting posts (in other words, we just pass through 6 posts with a chain).

Then again we skip one bar, from the next we sew 8 сс2н, we pass one column and we knit 12 сбн.

Here is the result - this is the head:

Next, we knit the muzzle - 5 in, close the ring. 1 row - 3 in the rise, 11 ссн. 2 rd - 2 rd rise, 23 sb (from one column we untype 2 sb).

There are details - a head, a muzzle:

Black thread on the face embroider spout, mouth.

We sew a muzzle to the head, eye-beads. And our bear cub is ready!

ou can dress up our teddy bear - sew a bow if it's for a girl, or sew a bow tie, if it's for a boy. Such are the cubs :)

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