How to Make Hat

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The hats depicted in these pictures were connected from thick wool blend yarn. Any yarn manufacturer is suitable. The main thing: in a 100-gram skein there should be 100-150 m of yarn. For example, seed yarn "Arina" (123 m / 100 g) will fit. We take the knitting needles # 6. 

A long hat , like any self-respecting sock or stocking, knits on five spokes. We start from the edge, gradually moving to the top of the head. 

On two spokes we type about 60 loops *. This is about an average head circumference of ~ 55 cm.  A knitted cap is very tight, but if necessary, you can add / subtract a couple of loops to taste. 

* If you have decided to knit a hat from more thin threads and took spokes thinner - the number of loops should be increased accordingly. Sometimes you have to make several attempts to pick up the necessary number of loops from a certain yarn for your own head. We knit the beginning, try on - do not fit - we dismiss. The typed hinges should be distributed between four spokes, having connected in a ring. The fifth spoke is working. We knit in a circle, like a plain canvas, without turning off.  

After a while you will notice that your product is more like a hat. If you suddenly decide not to knit a  long hat , you can finish right here, if the solution is unshakable - knit until the length is close to 30 cm. Usually this is enough. 

Close the upper loops or stretch the tail of the thread through them and tighten the knot from the wrong side. We strengthen it so that it does not get loose, and the hat is ready. Can be worn.

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