Amigurumi Toy Tutorial

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A toy on the arm. A toy for the puppet theater crocheted.
Description of the shirt.
Please take into account that this is my first self-written description, so do not
judge strictly. If you have any questions, please let me know what I can - I will clarify.
I did not reinvent the wheel, I saw it in some places, I thought up it myself, here, therefore, the author's toy
it is difficult to name.
I used the yarn of Krokh from the Troitsk factory, I liked it, it is made of it easily, it is worth it
inexpensive, the sizes turn out very successful both for an adult hand, and for children's. Can
use any other similar thickness yarn (135 m. per 50 gr.).
The basis for all my toys is the same - the same shirts, the same pens, almost everyone has a head on
principle of the ball, the exception - a wolf, a fox, a pig.
Вп - air loop
sb - column without crochet
ssn - column with crochet
pcc - half-shell with crochet
ss - connection bar
ub. - reduction (tie 2 sb together)
arr. - an increase (tie 2 sb in one bar)
Shirt toys.
We start with a chain of air loops, dial 20 in., Close in a circle. We knit in circular
rows with three air lifting loops in each row (I count them for 1 ssn).

1 row -20 ssn
2nd row - 20 cn
3rd row - (1 cc, prib) * 10 times (in the end - 30 bars)
4 rows - (2ss, prib) * 10 times (40)
5 row - (3 sc, not more) * 10 times (50)

On the 6th row we begin to untie the front part of the shirt, knit with turning rows.
6 row - (4 cms, prib) * 5 times (30)
7th row - (5 cms, arr) * 5 times (35)

8-10 - no change - 35
We cut the thread, return to the 6th row of the back. We knit the same way:
6 row - (4 cms, prib) * 5 times (30)
7th row - (5 cms, arr) * 5 times (35)
8-10 - no change - 35

But do not cut the thread, we begin to tie both parts together. In the 10th row, having connected the last ssn, we make 3 steps of lifting and we sew ssn in the first column of the front part

11th row - both parts together - no increase or decrease - 70 cn
Next, we knit a whole shirt in a circle to the desired length. I knitted until 20-21 rows.

We start with the color you knit.
1 row - 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi (6)
2 ranks - 6 increases (12)
3-6 rows - unchanged, 12. Somewhere on the 4th row, you can untie the "finger", tying a magnificent column in one loop.

Change the thread to the color of the shirt
7 row - (1 sb, prib) * 6 times (18)
Next, we knit half-poles, if desired, you can and ssn, then in each row will need to do 3 in for lifting.
8-9 row - 18 pcs
10 row - (2 psn, prib) * 6 times (24)
11-13 row - 24 pcs.

Leave the thread for sewing, cut. Sew in the armholes of the shirt.

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