Herringbone Christmas Tree Crochet Tutorial

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So, we need:
The yarn is green. I have a children's acrylic Vita Baby sectional dyeing (400m
/ 100gr). Remains, so rolled into a ball. We need about 10-12 gr.
The yarn is brown. For the trunk of the Christmas tree. A little bit.
Hook. I have about 1.25 mm. More precisely, I can not say, the identification
signs from it have worn off about 10 years ago. But, for a beginner, you can take a 1.5-
1.7 mm. The Christmas tree will be hardly more. And knitting is easier.
A circle made of plastic for the bottom. In the photo it is very difficult to see. Lies between
crochet and scissors. I cut it out of the package from the New Year's gift
(handy). You can cut out of the plastic folder (unnecessary). The main thing,
so that the circle was thin and well kept in shape.
Filler. I have a holofiber.

Legend: st = column without crochet; приб = the increase (2 стобика without накида in one column of the previous row); уб = decrease (two bars of the previous row are tied as one); We begin with the amigurumi ring.

1 row. We send 6 tbsp. Another moment. I happen, that the first column "hides" and it takes a long time to look for. Therefore, before I tighten the thread, I pick up this column on the hook. So it is not lost and you can immediately continue to knit. 2

2 row. We make 6 increases (only 12 bars). And put the marker on the first column. At me it is an ordinary sewing thread, combined in two strings.

3-4 row. 12 tabs. At the end of the 4th row, change the thread to green. 5 row. (1st, prib) * 6 times (18 st). 6 row. (2st, prib) * 6 times (24 st). 7 row. (3st, prib) * 6 times (30 st). 8 row. (4st, prib) * 6 times (36st). 9 row. (5st, prib) * 6 times (42st). 10 row. (6st, prib) * 6 times (48st). 11 row. (7st, prib) * 6 times (54st). 12 row. (8st, prib) * 6 times (60st). 13 We tie a row of 60 bars behind the back of the loop (in the figure, blue color). Further

Then we knit as usual. 14-15 row. 60 bars. 16 row. (8st, yb) * 6 times (54st). Many beginners make a loss simply by skipping the previous series. This is not true. In toys, we do not need extra holes. I am making allowances two ways. First: I hook up two columns of the previous row for the front walls (in the previous photo is highlighted in white) and I tie one post.

Further. 17-19 row. 54 bars. 20 row. (7st, ub) * 6 times (48 st). 21-23 row. 48 columns. We insert a circle of plastic. 24 row. (6st, уб) * 6 times (42st). 25-27 row. 42 columns. 28 row. (5st, yb) * 6 times (36st). 29-31 series. 36 columns. 32 row. (4st, ub) * 6 times (30st). 33-35 row. 30 bars. Here I usually start stuffing a Christmas tree with a holofiber. We fill it neatly, so as not to overdo it. 36 row. (3st, уб) * 6 times (24st). 37-39 row. 24 columns. 40 row. (2st, yb) * 6 times (18st). 41-43 row. 18 columns. 44 row. (1st, уб) * 6 times (12st). 45-46 row. 12 columns. Fill the tree to the end. 48 row. 6 ub. (6st). We close herringbone. We do not detach the thread. We knit a chain of 40-50 air loops. And attach it to the Christmas tree. But it's not necessary to do this. Can leave so, and you can fix the tape, thread and so on, to make out of it suspension. We hide the threads with a needle.
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