Doll with Red Curls Amigurumi

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You will need:
yarn "Olga" {50% wool, 50%
acrylic, 392 m / 100 g) - the remains of beige
and orange flowers, yarn "Iris"
{100% cotton) - the remains of blue, white
and light brown flowers, hook
№1, 5 and №З, beads for eyes.
Head: beige crochet thread no. 1.5, type
3 air. etc., connect to the ring. 1st row -
tie in 7 tbsp. b / n in the center of the ring. 2-8th series
- knit in a circle of art. b / n, evenly adding
for 7 tbsp. in each row. 9-11th series
- add 5 tbsp. 12-13th series - add
3 tbsp. 14-19th series - knit smoothly. 20-
24th series - evenly reduce by 3 tbsp. at
each row. 25-30th series - knit smoothly.
31-39-th series - lower by 5 tbsp. Fill the part
sintepon, remove the remaining loops.
Nose: Dial 4 air. to hang around the chain
Art. b / n, adding around the edges of 3 tbsp.
- 2 rows. 3-4-rd series - knit smoothly. 5-6th
rows - evenly lower by 4 tbsp. Sew
nose in the center of the head, sew eye-beads,
Embroider a mouth, carrying out a coupler a string,
for the formation of a relief (see photo).
Torso and legs: knit, starting from the neck.
Beige thread, dial 20 air. close, close
in the ring. Knit in a circle of art. b / n 22 rows,
adding in each row (in different places)
1 tbsp. Then divide the knitting into 2 parts
(for the legs) and knit each leg separately
on 20 loops in a circle - 12 rows. Nabeyte
Boots: white crochet thread hook number 1.5, dial
10 air. etc., knit this chain
4 rows of art. b / n, adding to the corners of the
3 tbsp. 5th row - knit evenly, grasping the loops
behind the rear walls. 6-7th series - knit smoothly.
For the sole of a light brown yarn, type
10 air. etc., and knit 4 rows around the chain,
adding at the corners of 3 tbsp. Then
connect both parts 1 near the station. b / n.
Hands: with beige thread, type 3 air. etc., co-
ring it. 1st row - get in touch 7 st b / n
in the center of the ring. 2 nd row - knit in a circle st.
b / n, evenly adding 7 tbsp. 3-22th series
- knit smoothly. Fill with a sintepon.
Dress: Blue thread, dial 40 air. P .,
unite in a ring and knit st. b / n 3 rows
(yoke). Then knit 8 tbsp. 6 / n, skip
12 points (armhole), dial 8 air. etc., knit
8 tbsp. b / n, miss 12 points, (armhole),
dial 8 air. Continue to knit by
circle of art. b / n 5 rows, evenly adding
in each row of 5 tbsp. Then connect the 1 row:
* Art. b / n, 2 air. etc., skip to step 1 of the previous
series *, repeat * - *. After that,
2 rows of Art. b / n and finish knitting.
Curls: with an orange thread, type a chain
from air. necessary length, then
connect on this chain 1 a number of art. b / n (freely).
Tie a lot of these curls. For
bangs curly ringlets. Sew
all curls to the head.
Assembling: sew parts together, put on

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