Crochet Owl

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You will need:
1 yarn "Iris" (100% cotton) - the remains
1 white and beige flowers, hook number 1,
1 sintepon, plastic eyes.
Torso: with beige thread, dial 21 air.
n. Clasp around the chain of Art. b / n 17 rows,
grasping the hinges behind the rear walls. Nabey-
then the detail is synthetone, make the seam. At the same time
white thread bind two openwork details on
1. Sew these parts by yourself in the
four places, placing inside the beige
Wings: draw a white thread 11 air. P . and
crochet according to the scheme 2 2 items and.
Assembling: sew the wings to the body, glue them


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