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mix of color and geometric patterns, made in jacquard technique, decorated with a stand-up collar. 

You will need 
Yarn 1 (35% silk, 35% moher, 30% wool; 180 m / 50 g) - 450 g Brown-gray-olive melange; 
Yarn 2 (100% Alpaca; 133 m / 50 g) - 300 g ecru color; Circular knitting needles No. 3.5, 120 cm long; circular needles No. 3 with a length of 80 cm; hook number 3; 6 wooden buggers with a diameter of 18 mm. 
Patterns and diagrams. 

Front face. Front facades 
are front facial lines, side rows are side seals. 

Backwards 2 out, 1 person. 

Pearl Eye
Inversely 1 p. Melange thread and 1 p. Thread color ekryu. In each row, shift the 

pattern by 1 p. Fire pattern A 
Knit according to scheme A in a jacquard tee by a lacquer stitch. Post krom. repeat between arrows a and b = 32 p., loop over the arrows between arrows a and c, with loops. B high from 1st to 18th p. run once 
Jacquard look B 
Knit according to the diagram B in Jacquard technique of the front satin stitch. Post krom. start from 39 points from arrow a, repeat the rapport between the lines b and c = 30 points, end 37 points between arrows c and d, kr. In height from the 1st to the 154th p. run 1 time. 

Inside the pattern in the process of work, perform loop deliveries, as shown. 

Loops are reduced in several locations. 
Jacquard Pattern C (Sleeve)
Knit according to the scheme C in jacquard technique with a front satin stitch. Distribute according to the instructions in the width of the pattern's pattern: for 1–29 p. rapport = 21 p., for pp 30–51. rapport = 19 p. In height from the 1st to the 43rd p. perform 1 time, then from the 30th to the 43rd p. reclaim 5 times and from the 44th to the 51st p. perform 1 time. 
Jacquard pattern D (sat) 
Knit under the scheme D in the jacquard technique of the front satin stitch. After crom. start with 22 p. before the shooter a, turn around the rapport between the arrows of a and b = 23 p., end with 3 p. after the arrow b, chrome. At the height of the 1st to the 34th p. run 1 time. 

In the 19th p. perform loop reductions as shown! 
To knit out 5 items from 1 point = alternately 1 out., 1 person., Turn, 5 points to knit faces., Turn, 5 out., Turn, 5 faces., Turn, 2 points to tie together out, 1 knit, 2 items to tie together knits, turn, 3 items to knit together with a slope to the left (= 1 point to remove, 2 items to knit together persons, then drag the removed button through a knitted one). 
Knitting density 
22 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected to the face by the spokes No. 3; 
26 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a jacquard pattern with needles No. 3.5. 
The shelves and back are knitted before the beginning of the process by using a single cloth, then each part ends separately. 
Execution of work Shelves 

and back 
Punch on the knitting needles No. 3.5 with a melange thread 338 n. And knit 14 p. individuals. satin stitch.

Then run a row with "knobs": except for 3 persons., 1 "knob", * 4 persons., 1 "knob", repeat from *, terminate 2 faces., Chrome. 

Follow up out. A series of loops tied front. 

Then run 18 p. jacquard pattern A. 

Continue the job with the bronze pattern B, while completing the loop substitution, as shown in the diagram. 

Simultaneously in the 97th p. Pattern B = on the spokes of 285 paragraphs of petals to form a separation line as follows: 78 paragraphs of the left side, 3 sections to close for the armhole, 123 sections of the back, 3 sections to close for the second area, 78 sections of the right section.

First, finish the back, for this, finish the work according to the scheme, continue knitting with a melange thread and close from both sides for the humeral skins 1 time 13 pp., Then in each of the 2nd p. 1 more times for 13 p. = 84 p., after this remaining hiding in one row. 

Continue to knit the left shelf with a chard pattern B. 

At a height of 59 cm = 124 p. of the pattern B close from the right side for the neck of 12 p., then in each 2 p. 1 more time 8 p., 1 time 6 p., 1 time 5 p., 1 time 3 p. and 3 times 1 p. 

Once finished with the pattern, continue knitting with a melange thread and shoulder braces, as on a back. 

Right shelf end symmetrically. 
Handle knitting 
needles No. 3 with a melange thread of 85 p. And knit 9 cm = 28 p. front smooth surface.

Then run a row with "knobs": Hom., 3 persons., * 1 "shishecha", 4 persons., From * repeat, chrome, in izn. A row of petas to knit facial. 

In the next row, equal 2 pp. = 83 p. And, for the jacquard C pattern, distribute the loops as follows: crome. 1 point in front of arrow a, rapport between arrows a and b, check back 4 times, except. 

Simultaneously, starting from the 30th p. schemes C, from both sides in each 8th p. add 1 p., the added petals include in the pattern = 99 p. 

After the 51st p. Schemes C All Loops Close. 
shoulder stitches. 

For the collar, put on the needle needles No. 3 with a melange thread 165 p. And knit according to the pattern D. 

As a result of the collection inside the pattern (see), the number of loops decreases = 128 p.

Having finished the scheme, execute 1 p. with “shishechkami”, for this after chrome. start with 3 persons., * 1 “shishekha”, 4 persons., from * repeat, finish with 1 “shishechkoy”, 2 persons. and chrome .; in out. A series of loops tied with facial. 

Then run 8 p. = from the 30th to the 38th p. Schemes C and finish for bending 7 cm = 26 p. individuals. put melange thread, after this pet close. 

Fold back to the inside of the side of the row with "knobs" and write. 

For the plans for the stretch, place a melange thread on the circular needles No. 3 on the front rows of the shelves (from the bottom row with “knobs” up to the row with “knobs” of the collar) by 152 s. And knit 2 cm = 8 p. ornament = from the 30th to the 38th p. Jacquard pattern C, then 1 person. In addition, knit with the inside out (= fold line = 1st p. of the ornament) and these 8 p. execute another time, then close the loop.

Fold the lines along the fold lines to the wrong side and sew. 

Bend crocheted stitches with a melange thread with connecting posts, with this at the right level, run 4 hanging buttonholes = using 8 cts. skip 2 sections of the fold: place the lower hinged loop at a distance of 30 cm from the bottom edge, the others - with an interval of 6 cm, the upper loop - on 3 upper hems. 

On the bend of the left plank at a distance of 9 cm from the top of the top, execute the same hanging loop for the inside button. 

Zaket try on to mark the place of sewing buttons. 

Write scarecrow. With this, to stabilize the knitted fabric of the left shelf, make a hook with a hook: knit the back of the textile ring: 14 n / p., Close the middle section, cut the thread and pull the opening of the garment to the initial end of the thread.

Before each pouch before stitching to the left shelf put a cup. 

One button with the same way to sew to the right shelf from the inner side at a distance of about 11 cm from the strap. 

Fold the arms of the hands to the purl side along the row of "knobs" and write. 

Run the seams of sleeves. Rykava, slightly stretching, sewed in loans.

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