Baby Booties Free Pattern

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Necessary materials: 
Spokes on a line № 2.5; 
Knitting needles Hosiery № 2.5; 
Needle for stitching knitted products; 
Markerovochnye rings for knitting; 
Yarn Alize Sekerim (100 g-320 meters). 
Size of slippers 19-20 (length of foot 12-13 cm). 

Work Progress: 
LP-Front Loop 
IP-Purl loop 
The first loop in a row shoot, not tying. 
The last loop in a row knit always LP. 
Yarn make the crossed loop that there was no holes in a cloth. 

On needles with a scaffold we dial 23 loops. On the 13th Loop Markerovochnoe 
The ring is going to be the middle of our sneaker, and a landmark for us during 
1 row: 3 LP-N-8 LP-N-1 LP-N-8 LP-N-3 LP 
2 row: All PL 
3 row: 3 LP-N-9 LP-N-3 LP-N-9 LP-N-3 LP 
4 row: All PL 
5 row: 3 LP-N-10 LP-N-5 LP-N-10 LP-N-3 LP 
6 row: All PL 
7 row: 3 LP-N-11 LP-N-7 LP-N-11 LP-N-3 LP 
8 row: All PL 
9 row: 3 LP-N-12 LP-N-9 LP-N-12 LP-N-3 LP 
10 row: All PL 
11 Row: 3 LP-N-13 LP-N-11 LP-N-13 LP-N-3 LP 
12 row: All PL 
13 Row: 3 LP-N-14 LP-N-13 LP-N-14 LP-N-3 LP 
14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Rows: all LP 
The sole is ready! 
At this point, the spokes should get a 51 loop.

Then we will tie a sock and a heel. 
Diagram 1 (27 loops) 
(2 PI-3 LP-2 FE-3 LP-2 PI-3 LP-2 PI-3 LP-2 PI-3 LP- 
2 pi) 
Diagram 2 (27 loops) 
(2 LP-3 FE-2 LP-3 FE-2 LP-3 FE-2 LP-3 FE-2 LP-3 IP- 
19 Row: 12 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-12 LP 
20 Row: 13 LP-Scheme 2-13 LP 
21 Row: 13 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-13 LP 
22 Row: 14 LP-Scheme 2-14 LP 
23 Row: 14 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-14 LP 
24 Row: 15 LP-Scheme 2-15 LP 
25 Row: 15 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-15 LP 
26 Row: 16 LP-Scheme 2-16 LP 
27 Row: 16 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-16 LP 
28 Row: 17 LP-Scheme 2-17 LP 
29 Row: 17 LP-N-Scheme 1-N-17 LP 
30 Row: 18 LP-Scheme 2-18 LP 
31 Row: 18 LP-2 together reverse-3 together Facial-2 together IPMs. 
-3 together persons. -2 together Ian. -3 together persons. -2 together IPMs. -3 
Together persons. -2 together IPMs. -3 together persons. -2 together IPMs. -18 LP.

Now transfer all the loops to the hosiery spokes, and then the knitting will 
To go in a circle. 
32 Series: 18 Fe-11 loops close purl loops-18 pi 
33 Series: All LP 
34 Series: All IP 
35 Series: All LP 
36 Series: All IP 
37 Series: All LP 
38 Series: All IP 
39 Series: All LP 
40 Row: All PI 
41 Series: All LP 
42 Series: All IP 
43 Series: All LP 
44 Series: All IP 
45 Series: All LP 
46 Series: All IP 
47 Series: All LP 
48 Series: All IP 
49 Series: All LP 
50 Row: All pi 
51 Series: All LP 
52 Series: All Hinges Close purl

Now take the plastic needle, and yarn into the color of the stitching holes in 
Wear sneaker, sole and heel. 
Hide the tails of the thread.

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